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Patchwork Fabrics Melton VIC

As a locally owned and operated retail store in Melton South, Bargain Box sells a wide range of fabrics, haberdashery, sewing machines and sewing accessories.

With our selection of patchwork fabrics, you can save time on operations like cutting and sewing for your next project.

Patchwork Fabrics Melton VIC
Patchwork Fabrics Gisborne

What is a Patchwork Fabric?

Patchworking fabric involves sewing together pieces of fabric to make basic geometrical shapes, which is then built up upon to create a designed pattern. The fabric is not only used for making quilts, but also for making bags, jackets, cushion covers and skirts.

At Bargain Box, our rich collection of patchwork fabrics will captivate your imagination when sewing your next quilt or your items of clothing.

«Our rich collection of patchwork fabrics will captivate your imagination»

Traditional Structure of Patchwork Fabrics

The three traditional structures of patchwork fabrics are the Block, the Overall and the Strip Piecing.

Block Patchwork Fabric – square pieces of different dark and light colours of fabrics that create a pattern.

Overall Patchwork Fabric – geometric shapes stitched together to create specific designs, for example from light to dark colouring.

Strip Piecing Patchwork Fabric – this design is the repetition of long strips that are stitched together lengthwise.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Over 2 decades of experience
  • Range of patchwork fabrics
  • Stock of sewing accessories
  • Sewing machine repair services

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